Your Home Spa Experience
Written by Lionel   
Tuesday, 02 January 2007

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If you have installed a new home spa in your bath, then you are ready to experience the most exhilarating bathing experience of your life. Of course, if you want more than just water jets massaging every pore of your body, then you must arm yourself with bath oils and spa salts for added pleasure.

This is what you must do to get the most luxurious and relaxing bath in your home spa:


1.         Before you settle down in your home spa for that experience, get some exercise. Tone up your muscles before your skin starts absorbing a mixture of gorgeous bath oils and spa salts.


2.         Select the spa salts and the bath oils that you prefer the most. Preference can be based on aroma, medicinal value or whatever; you decide.


3.         Keep the bath temperature around 98°F, which is about your body temperature. Don’t make the water too hot because if it is too hot, then you skin will not absorb the bath oils because the extra-hot water will make you sweat.


4.         Get some spa music going and you will get into a soft, mellow, romantic mood. Spa music is of the tranquil kind – mostly piano and wind instruments. Oh yeah, turn off the TV.


5.         Suspend some herbal bags into the water. Get some great, aromatic herbs going for your home spa and mix and match them according to your liking.


6.         Keep some home spa-compatible cuisine ready to munch on after you’re out of your home spa. Home spa cuisine is light, non-greasy, mineral-rich food – mostly salads enriched with sprouts and seeds. Imagine emerging out of the bath, fully refreshed, feeling brand new and listening to some tranquil music playing in the background, with you nibbling on healthy and light-on-your-tummy food! Mmmm, delicious!


7.         Do not settle down in your home spa if you’re in a foul mood or are all stressed up. You will most likely attack your home spa instead of experiencing it! First, calm yourself down by taking some deep breaths and purging all stressed-out thoughts from your mind.


8.         Do you have a romantic partner who is ready and willing to share your home spa? If the answer is yes, then there can be nothing more romantic than this setting!


9.        Remember, you are about to enter an anti-aging zone – Your home spa! You should be smiling now!


10.       Okay, now that you have followed steps 1–9 above, you are ready to lower yourself into your home spa. Just don’t forget to take off your clothes!


This is how you can get a fantastic soaking experience in your home spa.

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