Wave & Bubble Home Spas: The Best You Can Get
Written by Lionel   
Thursday, 25 January 2007

You may have decided to invest in a home spa because you feel it’s time you took a proper bath. But, hang on, don’t jump at the nearest portable home spa because it looks good and the salesman tells you it’s the ultimate portable home spa you can ever get.

Think first. Or, leave it to us: We’ve done the research for you:


A portable home spa that employs the ultrasonic wave and the anion bubble technology works best for everyone. And do you know why? Here are some reasons:



Reason # 1: Once upon a time there was no civilization, and, it goes without saying, no home spas! People used to live in the wilderness and in those times, hot water baths could be enjoyed only in hot springs. Now, water in any hot spring keeps bubbling and these bubbles relieve both mind and body because they have a “massage” effect on the body. And these very bubbles from the hot springs kept our ancients refreshed and in good spirits. These hot springs acted like the home spas of today.



Reason # 2: This is an easy one. Stand near a waterfall and what do you feel: You’ll feel physically and mentally refreshed and relaxed because the waterfall’s energy acts as a natural tranquilizer. When you sit in your home spa, you will get the same feeling!


Reason # 3: Ever sniffed around after a downpour or even a drizzle? Chances are that after a rainfall, you’ll smell something very pleasing, something that you may call wet earth or freshly cut grass. That smell is the ozone smell. It improves the rate at which our body tissues absorb and use oxygen. When you soak yourself in a home spa, you are refreshed by a similar ozone smell.

So, essentially, these are the three basic principles that go into the making of a wave and bubble portable home spa: The ultrasonic wave generator creates energy in the water of your home spa and an air generator creates the bubbles that simulate the ozone feel. Both these elements when put together in a home spa give birth to a new class of home spas, called the Ultrasonic Wave and O3 Anion portable home spa.


And, we’re in the business of selling these kinds of portable home spas.


Our portable home spas are based on these very principles. You can buy an Ultrasonic Wave and O3 Anion portable home spa online from our web store, http://www.hydrospabusiness.com.





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